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Greetings! I’ve got to tell you, I’m so far ahead in my projects for The Stamp Simply Ribbon store that I’m forgetting which post goes when and etc.  It’s a great kind of conundrum! I’ve only made less than a handful of shaker cards in my days and I honestly never thought I was very […]

Ok, it’s mid-August.  I’ve not started my Christmas shopping.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of making a supplies list for Christmas crafting.  I’m really hoping I have a VERY productive week so that I can make my goals.  I really have always been one to work well under pressure.   And I’m definitely goal driven. […]

Oh yes.  I’ve made my first Christmas card.  I’ll probably be fried for it, but only crafters understand why we start months ahead.  I’ve not only got cards to make, but many gifts, too.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas crafts. I have 2 new family members this Christmas, too… and they […]

I always feel like I need to apologize for doing season cards way ahead of time.  Basically, in the crafts world, you have to in order to get all your supplies, etc., together before the event.  I don’t do Halloween cards very often, so those I can make that same month. Today I’m working with […]

I’m going to admit.. I know very little about flowers.  A great deal of the time, I have to google to find out what kind of flower I’m looking at and what color should I color it?!  I didn’t even know that coneflowers existed until a few years ago.  I thought they were like droopy […]

It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite season.  Actually, I like late Summer, t00.  Years ago, my family lived in a rural community on the outskirts of Springfield, ILL.  I’m not even going to call it a town.  It was more of a suburb of a suburb… hole in the wall grocery store with […]

Sometimes I just get a card or project in my mind and can’t let it go until it’s finished in front of me.  This week’s card was like that.  I had full intention of making one of my favorite Kaisercraft, bells and whistles, card.  Where most everything comes from a single pad, including the sentiment […]

All the years we spent raising our boys, I was looking forward to the day that they flew the coup and made lives of their own.  I knew by experience that one or two, or maybe all, would at some point return for a period of time.  Well, that’s just what happened two weeks ago. […]

In the vein of transparency, I’m sharing my card that I am struggling to love. This week has thrown a few curve balls our way.  The tranquility of Monday brought challenge after challenge through the end of the week.  When all is said and done, we now have one of my sons, his fiancee, and […]

It occurs to me that as I get older, the number of sympathy and get well cards outpaces birthday cards.  Not cool. I’ve always been fascinated with  the stars.  I would spend hours as a young girl staring at the stars and learning the constellations.  I will see the Northern Lights sometime before I die. […]

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