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Good day! Well, I, or one, am laughing my butt off at myself this morning.   I had quite the adventure making today’s card.   You know, if things go smoothly, I am always wondering why. I woke up late this morning and hit the ground running.   I had only 30 minutes between waking […]

Good morning 🙂 It’s important for you to know that I am smiling right now.   I was nearly in tears earlier.   It is going to be one of THOSE days…. I can tell. I started my day as I usually do…. got a cup of coffee and sat down with the laptop to […]

GOOD morning!!!! Yahoo!!  I slept like a baby last night!   I did not get up until nearly 7am… just in time to take my son to school.   Good thing, too, cuz it snowed a bit last night and making him walk the 2 + miles to school would have been rather cruel. Ok, […]

Good morning, girls! (and guys… in case my brothers are reading 🙂 ) Today’s TLC (Tacky Glitter) has left me sparkling.   I wish I had the guts to take a picture of myself right now.   I am covered, head to toe,  in red glitter.   My DH kissed me goodbye a few minutes […]

Happy New Year! The winds of change are blowing.   I can feel it in the air.   This new year, 2009, is going to be bringing many changes to my life…. some good, some excellent, and maybe even some not so good.   Whatever it brings, I am ready.    I have felt a […]

  Good Morning?! Yup, if you are reading this now… it is 2:23am.   Where are all my insomniac friends? So here is how it went down.    I was waiting up to pick my Zeke up from work at midnight, when I started blog hopping and looking at different bags/boxes/etc.   I started making a few and […]

   Hello out there 🙂 Remember Wolfman Jack?   I grew up in California in the 70s and the wolfman was very popular.   Everytime I make a blog post at 3am in the morning, I feel like the wolfman Jack of blogging.   I type as quiet as I can (not to wake dh who is asleep […]

  Good afternoon!  Wowza, it has been a long day already.   I was worried we would never get a WT challenge today, but Julia came through like a trooper and with a fun one at that.   “Half-baked” is our challenge… to use 1/2 of an image. I just received this stamp set yesterday after nearly a […]

    Happy Sunday, Ya’ll We can all mark our calendars again.   I was a good girl and slept through the   I gotta tell ya, it felt great!   I did wake up early, but I feel very rested and rarin’  to go. Today’s featured stamper is Anna (Annascreations on SCS).   She is new to me, […]

  Goooooooood Morning!! I slept last night!!!  Wahoo!!!   I got 8 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep and I feel GREAT this morning! 🙂 🙂   Let’s mark our calendars…lol. Before I talk about the card, I gotta tell you….. my aunt Marci is so psyched!    She has received,  in the last week, over 30 cards.    The […]

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